Mastisis: Have You Tried Ginger?


Do I really have to give a disclaimer? I”m not a doctor. If you have a problem, go see one.

In the meantime… if you’re feeling feverish, if you feel like you’re coming down with the flu and there’s a hot place, a red spot on your breast or up into your armpit… you might be at the onset of mastisis. If you act quickly, you could avert disaster, with a little bit of fresh ginger.

Mash, chop or otherwise destroy a 1″ piece of fresh, peeled ginger root into a paste and apply it to the affected area, then cover with a dressing. You will feel the ginger heat up, and it really does pull the poison of the infection out of the area. It’s a good thing to do while you’re waiting for your doctor’s appointment!

Other things to try when you have a clogged duct that feels like it’s starting down the road to infection: hot compresses, or a hot shower with the spray directed on the clogged ducts. Point your baby’s chin towards the clog when he or she nurses. Lots of water. Patience.

And good luck.