Masquerade ...

I have been a little tired these days, friends. And I fear it's starting to show, especially on my face. Last night was the company holiday party and let me tell you, that did NOT help matters in the least.

So this morning I reached for an as-yet-untried item in my bathroom cabinet, the **Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from bliss**. At the time I used it I was still incapable of coherent thought (it was early!), so here I present the results of my efforts, timeline style:

7:01 am - Locate bottle of mask and determine that this is indeed my only hope for skin salvation today

7:02 - Attempt to read package through squnity, sleepy eyes. Oxygen. Amino acids. Vitamin C. Good for your face? We leave the science to **other websites**. Just want to know if it feels good and if it will make me look salvageable.

7:04 - Apply mask to damp skin. Ooh, a pretty gel formula. Smells good.

7:05 - It's foaming up on my face.

7:06 - Oh please don't ever make me take this off my face, I never want to rinse it off, it feels so goooood, the bubbles the tiny bubbles snap crackle pop I think I will layer on some more and just sit here and enjoy it

7:09 - With great reluctance, finally rinse the frothy, bubbly mask off my face

7:10 - Is it possible? Skin looks normal

In fact, better than normal. It looked and felt refreshed, bright, and clear. As for the rest of me, unfortunately, I can't say the same.

Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, $52 at ****

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