Mary-Kate Olsen's Straight-off-the-Runway Boots


Oh, what a girl wouldn't give to get her hands on a pair if designer shoes!

While traveling with her twin sis Ashley, Mary Kate was snapped wearing a hot-off-the-runway pair of Givenchy knee-high gladiator sandals.

The other half of the famous Olsen twins matched her uber-fab footwear with a black belted trench coat and a blue-gray undershirt – while shopping at Bon Marche in Paris.

According to RedCarpetFashionAwards, the knee-high gladiator sandals used to be available from – but they're sold out. Could Mary-Kate's have something to do with it?

I swear, we can't just get over the stuff that celebs are obsessed with that we also gotta have 'em – if we can afford it, lol!

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