Marc Jacobs Collection Mayfair Handbag

It’s the epitome of the modern version of ladies who lunch. While some feel that MJ borrowed the chain trend from a certain French house famous for chain handles, I feel the combination of gold and severe bulk give the purses a more modern look not found at that certain French house. I’m all for classics, but sometimes I want to look and feel current, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I figure I can save the true classics for when I’m old and gray and nothing looks good on me BUT the classics!

For now, I’ll stick to MJ Collection bags, and this time around, I’m loving the Marc Jacobs Mayfair handbag. I’m trying my best (though it is hard!) to get away from super oversized bags, and where they once fit my lifestyle perfectly, they don’t really anymore. It’s time for me to downsize, but that won’t mean downgrade, of course. The Mayfair is small, but still a nice size and has a long chain shoulder strap, keeping my hands completely free for toting a laptop case (which unfortunately is my other bag of choice at the moment). The ivory color goes with everything in one’s wardrobe, and while the combination of ivory and gold can feel a little old world, I really think it’s balanced out by the chunky chain and envelope flap.

Get this bag at where it retails for $895.

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