Marc Jacobs Bags Fall 2007

Fall '07 is not Marc's (or his 20 assistants') worst bag creations and it certainly is a huge improvement from atrocities of the past few seasons so let's get the ugly over with so I can go on to the pretty. I can not ignore the '80s handicraft-bakelite on bags (or on necklaces) that cost thousands of dollars. It was terribly tacky the first time around and it looks out of place in a season full of sleek and clean lines.

Marc has always used top quality crocodile (I have a croc Blake bag that is to die) and these crocs are lovely. I am not crazy about the contrasting buckles though (or the pukey mustard color), it ruins the classic lines of timeless croc and cheapens the look.

I really like the oversized foldover clutch made of woven leather, it's a little Bottega, a little Chanel, and it works.

Finally, I love the sumptious ostrich bags in simple shapes and fun colors. Points also given for the lack of tacky logo. All in all, a collection that won't send the Snobs into a buying frenzy but will do well with Marc loyalists.

(Photos: and New York)

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