Marc by Marc Jacobs Washed Utility Satchel

When my sister called me whining about how this Marc By Marc Jacobs Washed Utility Satchel was THE handbag she had to have for fall, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t think the design was too special, and while my sister does dress casually, I’d hardly call her utilitarian. When I saw this bag at Barneys, I definitely changed my tune. The purse is made of amazing leather that rivals that of Balenciaga motorcycle bags, and the bag hits at just the right place for getting in and out of in a hurry. It also has a few outside pockets for knick-knacks, your metro pass, and other odds and ends. The handbag retails for $388, and with prices rising the way that they are, that’s a lot of bag for your buck. Pick it up at

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