Top 7 Marc Jacobs Travel Wallets ...

I live 300 miles from the nearest Marc Jacobs store, so when I have the chance to go, I’m ecstatic. I especially love his accessories, including his handbags and wallets! Here’s my list of the top 7 Marc Jacob’s travel wallets… I’m going to buy most of these the next time I visit my brother in Las Vegas… or the next time I’m in Chicago… or anywhere else they have a Marc Jacobs store! Please note that all of these wallets are only available at Marc Jacobs stores, but you can still review them at the links provided.

1. Marc Jacobs Color Block Billfold

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I love love LOVE these! Choose from grey with blue, purple, and black inside, blue with yellow, white, and navy inside, or pink with blue, brown, and black inside. That's a lot of color and who doesn't love color. All three are 100% leather and are stamped with the super-cool Marc Jacobs signature. Hmm… the pink one would make a great Valentine’s Day gift, wouldn’t it? There are also coordinating snap wallets, long wallets, coin purses, and ID holders… an entire color block collection!

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