Making Passes Again -- Again


Proving that my brain is, indeed, made of Swiss cheese (or is it green cheese?), I accidentally deleted this post to whine about the outrageous oversight on the part of the Austin Film Festival (yeah, I'm sticking to that story - it was an oversight). I've tried to recreate this glowing referral, but only had pieces of it left on my hard drive.

So, here goes --

--Billy Mernit has a “Back to School” post that simultaneously praises and laments the excrutiatingly difficult work ushered in by the end of summer. How do you diss and and extol in pretty much the same breath? I dunno, but Billy does it expertly as he points us to a post at I Am Trying to Make You Laugh **which is kind of a checklist for “making passes” once you think your script is finally done.

I’d like nothing more than to berate this dude for plagiarizing me, except for the annoying fact that he didn’t. His pass list is much more thorough than my post on making passes which required a followup post --**

-- and that's all I've got because of, well, you know, this...or..was it this?