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I totally love to pamper my skin. I must admit, as I grow older, I realize the importance of treating my skin lavishly. If, in my younger days, I try to scrimp on the creams and lotions, now I use these skin products as good excuses to treat myself for all the hard work. Hence, if you’re like me, join me in checking out these skin products sold over at Sephora. Let’s treat ourselves!

1. Makeup

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For foundation, the top Sephora pick is the Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals SPF 15.

“Well I ended up buying the Light Starter Kit I ended up loving this product because I never felt like I had any makeup on my face and looked so natural.”

- Chic Style Queen of New York
Now that’s a great endorsement, if you ask me.

According to J'adore Vogue from Manhattan, New York, United States whose adage is "I live to shop,” the Givenchy PhenomenEyes Mascara is a great choice. J’Adore Vogue says that this is a $27.00 mascara that takes some getting used to.

“But trust me, you will get better with practice. The results are amazing, one coat will give you eye-popping, curled, separated, long lashes. The shape of the mascara allows for more precise application to each individual lash as compared to a normal mascara wand.”

- J'Adore

Give your cheeks that extra glow with the NARS Blush ($25.00). NARS fans will agree when I say that this soft, sheer pressed powder highlights the complexion and is great - regardless of your skin tone. You have a couple of shades to choose from but 24 year old Sarah says that the orgasm hue gives the cheek the "oh my gosh he's so cute and he's looking at me" blush.

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