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Legal Chick asks:

"My biggest problem is eyeliner. I love the look when I have a makeup artist do it, but I just can't seem to do it without it being way to much."


Sounds like maybe the tools aren't quite right? Even the right pencil is important.
Let's see if we can figure this one out.

Pencils: The easiest by far to get a straight line, but even they can smear and melt, making your perfect eyes look smeary and smudgy. Try this trick: Take your pencil in question and run a thin line going between your thumb and forefinger, you know in that little v shape between your fingers? Does the pencil draw on smooth? Does it melt on? Does it draw on hard or h dley at all? You want the pencil that draws on smooth and doesn't melt into the skin right away.

Next, sharpen your pencil. The sharper the pencil, the smoother and cleaner the line. Then, right above the lashes, lightly trace a thin line. Don't press and don't try to draw the line perfect. Just lightly trace. Does it look right? Then do a few more passes with the pencil. You'll be able to build up and get the line exactly how you want it. As long as you don't try to do it in one line, you'll have much better results.

Eyeshadow: Now if you're trying to draw a line with eyeshadow (either wet or dry), the trick is in getting the right brush. You want the tiniest, thinest little angle brush you can find. Not the super stiff hard one, the soft taklon or soft bristles and a super short thin cut line. The brush is the trick here. Lightly pick up the shadow dry. If you're picking up the shadow wet, the trick is to lightly mist your brush first (not the pan, you'll end up drenching and possibly ruining your pretty eyeshadow), and then brush the wet brush on the shadow. Keep brushing until the wetness on the shadow pan disappears. You'll have the perfect consistency for applying it wet. If you apply too quickly, you're drawing water on. Too hard to do. Then, same thing. Lightly trace a few lines above the lashes until you get the location and thickness the way you want.

Trick: It's never in one stroke. Trace and build up to get the line you want.

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