Madonna is Nice

Madonna has surprisingly returned from Malawi without nabbing another baby. She took newly adopted David and daughter Lourdes on a six day trip to work on charity projects. During the trip, the pop star was supposed to have let 1-year-old David’s father spend some time with his son, but reports indicate Madonna canceled the meeting at the last minute.

Banda, an onion and tomato farmer, left the border district of Mchinji early Saturday expecting to reunite with David. But it was not to be. “They had reached the town of Namitete when the executive director got a call from Madonna’s people telling her that the meeting had been called off,” said the source. “They were not given reasons.”

Just more proof Madonna is a bitch. A little off-topic, but if I had the money, I’d capitalize on this celebrity adoption craze and start a celebrity baby adoption company. Actually, it won’t really be a company, it’ll be that claw game you see at carnivals with babies instead of stuffed animals. Celebrities will have to swipe their credit card to try and grab one with a huge claw. The hard part is not letting the infant slip out before it gets to the chute (the trick is to grab the head). I haven’t figured out the minor details like food and water, but whatever. No one steal my idea, okay?

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