Louis Vuitton Monogram Costume Jewelry

The few attractive pieces of LV's costume jewelry line have now sold out: the LV Monogram berry pink Inclusion ring (right), and the raspberry and pink Bubble studs (left). Since these two have now both vanished from the eLuxury site even though I was just peeking at them yesterday, I thought I'd pay some homage to them. Maybe they'll become available again if we let LV know how unattractive the rest of the pieces are? Both the ring and the studs are part of a line of cheerful, brightly colored enamel costume jewelry, which are vastly less expensive than LV's regular bling (they start at around US$200), and exclusively sold by eLuxury (as far as online stores, anyways). If any of you ladies are interested in the collection, take a peek at the remaining stock at eLuxury.

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