Lots of People Going Lots of Places ...

If you’ve been in an airport lately and have seen the long security lines, you know that there are a lot of people out there traveling. While there was a short lull after the holiday season ended, it seems that planes are as crowded as ever. And with winter and spring break upon us (depending on where you live), it looks like it will be a busy few months ahead of us.

There are lots of people going lots of places. Where are they going?

According to the trade group Airports Council International (ACI), here are the busiest airports in the world in 2006 (based on number of passengers passing through the airport):

• Atlanta
• Chicago (O’Hare)

• London (Heathrow)

• Tokyo

• Los Angeles

• Dallas/Ft Worth

• Paris (Charles DeGaulle)

• Frankfurt

• Beijing

• Denver

Photo credit: wikimedia


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