Loose the Pounds, Gain Better Sex


By Jamie Walpole

Wondering where your passionate, wild, and irresistible sex life has disappeared to or wondering when you will start having one? Are you a little on the pudgy side? Those extra pounds could be the thief to your sex life.

There has been scientific evidence that loosing even just 5 pounds can increase your sex drive. Not only that but loosing the extra pounds can aid in flexibility, and we all know what that can lead to....

Tips to increasing that sex drive while decreasing the pounds:

β€’ Cut one bad thing out of your diet; chips, french fries, etc.

β€’ Work out with your partner; put on something sexy and take a jog together. All of a sudden you'll find some extra energy afterward for some sultry or should I say salty loving.

β€’ Save the sweets for loving. Cut out the sweets and reward yourselves by using them for foreplay.

Cutting these extra pounds will not only make you feel better, but will also give you the extra energy you need to steal back that love life you used to have.

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