Look Cute, Wear Buttons


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Any self-respecting indie kid knows that everything looks better when adorned with a few dime-sized buttons. The miniature fashion appendages stem from the glory days of punk, when rockers with mohawks paid homage to their favorite groups with these little badges of defiance.

Since then, they've evolved into message boards for just about anything -- usually half-assed attempts at snarkiness that you can buy in those needlessly eclectic toy stores for grown-ups. Fortunately, a new company has found a way to make the buttons cool again.

fashionPrickie has created an entire line of cute and colorful 1 inch buttons that can spruce up anything from your laptop bag to your favorite t-shirt. The best part is, they're absurdly cheap, so you can buy a bunch, and change them out to your heart's content.

[via Damn I Like That]

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