Lobster Treats … Really!


Well, it’s finally come to this. I saw it coming. Really, I did. With the way I keep spending money on Scout’s toys and clothing, it was bound to happen. Scout officially eats better than I do.

When I’m chowing down on my Lean Cuisine mac-n-cheese, Scout will be consuming delectable tidbits of steamed lobster, cooked to perfection, then freeze-dried especially for the insatiable doggy pallet.

pet-pet-blog.net title='lobster.jpg'>

Sweet, succulent Bella Lucy Lobster Treatsare broken up into bite-sized pieces that will please even the most discerning of animal appetites.

I mean, it’s lobster, for the love of Pete! I’m thinking I may just have to have a bite! This treat is made from USDA whole lobster tail, so you know Pet Parishas gone to great lengths to deliver this mouth-watering treat to you and yours.

This is gourmet dog dining at its best!