Listen to What Your Husband Says!


I’ve learned not to complain - to my husband - anymore about a bad hair day.

My husband hates it when I complain about another bad hair day. He says it’s because he’s having another no hair day! Nevertheless, the other day I was trying to fluff here and spray there to manage the latest hairdo. Nothing was going right. I started all over by soaking my head in the sink. (And don’t you hate it when you bend over and your face hits the sink before your hair does? ouch!)

I finally finished the second round of the hair battle, my husband was really getting edgy…”we’ve got to go, darling, ….we’ll be late!” I was in danger of a clinical hair depression, but I realized I will have to act smart now. I had to think of something positive……and …just then, my husband whispered, “Read my lips…Be happy you HAVE your hair….I don’t have any” ….You look perfect!

And that was meaningful….and satisfying to me…