Lindsay Lohan is a Lot of Fun

What else did Lindsay Lohan do in the Bahamas besides flash her nipple? I’m glad you asked. Lohan went to a Janet Jackson concert Friday night and partied at Atlantis’ Aura nightclub afterwards. She started out sipping water, but was later seen with a bottle of Jack and a cigarette. In her VIP section, she sat with her new boy Calum Best who was smoking weed with Chris Evans. USA Today adds,

The actress left her VIP area, jumping over a sofa, into the space originally reserved for Janet Jackson and family. There, she sidled up to Quincy Jones and chatted up Entourage star Jeremy Piven. At 1:30 a.m., Lohan had a bodyguard escort her up to the stage to goof around with the DJs, as photographers snapped the scene.

Even before the Bahamas, there was more partying in New York.

She was described as “barely able to speak” by one witness, who said: “She tried to pay a bouncer to have her own corner of the dance floor, but he just laughed at her. A few very well-known transvestites were also talking about a fun little bathroom trip they had with Lindsay.”

When she was asked about the infamous cocaine snorting video, Lindsay denied anything happened saying she wasn’t stupid enough to be caught on camera. Which is weird because it’s right there on camera. She also admitted she only went to rehab to get people off her back. I asked Lindsay’s liver what he thought about this and he whispered, “Help meee.” I guess Lindsay overheard because she punched him and told him to man up.

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