Lindsay Lohan - at an AA Meeting on My Block

breaking news! i just got home to a swarm of paparazzi trying to catch lindsay lohan going to an AA meeting at the senior center right on las palmas & franklin - across the street from my apartment! i'll be back with more details soon...she's over there right now!

ok here's the scoop - lindsay arrived promptly at 6pm - i was just pulling up to my parking garage (after a quick grocery store run) which was blocked by a bunch of cars - as numerous photographers jumped out and started running for their lives - we knew someone big was headed inside - then people began screaming 'lindsay - lindsay' - that's when i spotted ms. lohan who was quickly ushered inside - her blonde hair was down and she was wearing a black top - one older guy was shooing all the photographers away - by this time there's a huge line of cars behind me - but i had to wait until my garage was unblocked - i ran upstairs to grab my camera and was on stakeout for a little bit of time - where i overheard a bunch of photographers (including one from TMZ) griping about one blog - which shall remain nameless - but it wasn't perez - i'd love to say who they were talking about but i won't (i actually despise the blog as well...)

the AA meeting lasted about an hour - lindsay must have left super fast - i had gone back upstairs until i knew she'd be leaving but by 7pm she was gone already - ms. lohan vanished in an instant - and the paparazzi quickly left - oh it was a scene on las palmas for a bit of time - at least she's trying to be serious about her recovery - i would've loved to been a fly on the wall during the meeting! so that's the skinny on lindsay's whereabouts early this evening! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

PS i almost forgot - when i was at ralph's grocery store on labrea & 3rd - i saw dave annable from brothers & sisters who was with a male friend and picked up two twelve packs of corona! he's fucking adorable in person - damn!

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