Lindsay Lohan and Joe Francis Get It on, of Course


It was just a matter of time, but 20-year-old Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dating 33-year-old Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. Friends of Lindsay say Francis was with her when she got her appendix removed two weeks ago and that the two are serious enough that they planned to go on a mini-vacation over the weekend at Francis' Mexican estate but cancelled because "neither of them could resist the lure of the Golden Globe parties."

I know it's tough to exercise good judgement when you were born with a stuffed animal for a brain, but even Lindsay Lohan has to see that this is a bad idea. The only worse possible person she could be dating would be her dad. And even then it'd come down to who was dressed nicer that day.

A couple more shots of Lindsay Lohan with a sexual predator Joe Francis after the jump.

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