Lepaparazzi News Update: Lindsay Lohan Bodyguard Reveals Lesbian Trysts


LINDSAY LOHAN had a series of post-party lesbian trysts, according to a former bodyguard who quit when her wild ways became too much.

Lee Weaver worked for Lohan for two years and is now planning to reveal all about the Mean Girls star's drug use and partying lifestyle as part of a new tell-all book.

And one of the most shocking revelations is Lohan's alleged lesbian interests.

Weaver tells Britain's News of The World newspaper, "She used boys for drugs and girls for thrills. I lost count of the women she took back to her hotel room from clubs."

And Weaver admits Lohan even tried to seduce Mariah Carey: "I saw her try to grope Mariah Carey's bottom and boobs one night as they danced.

"One time I went to look for her in a club bathroom and found her in the corner French-kissing a girl."

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