I'm not a fan of punk rock style, but I think leggings work with the look. Yep. I said leggings. I don't know how this happened, but they jumped out of the 80's and early 90's into 2006. Leggings have definitely made a comeback.

I absolutely can't get with it. They are so ugly in every way to me. Leggings are the most unecessary article of clothing invented. The designers say to wear them under a dress or skirt with flats. Ugh! Why would you do that? A lot of the stars wear them with big ugly frumpy tops too. I think they look so- so on some of the celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller because they are small women, but they are so unessential.

If you can pull it off and you like them, go for it! I won't look at you crazy; unless you decide to complete your style with a shoulder padded blazer!

Adios Para Ahora