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The Bag Snob girls love France because it is the snobbiest country in the world not to mention the home of our beloved Hermes. We also admire the effortless style of French women and can't wait to read Fab Sugar's recommendation, "French Women for all Seasons". So she's not French and she's kind of annoying but I have to admit Victoria Beckham's wardrobe is really fab. Lesley shows you how to steal Posh's style for less at Fashiontribes.com. French Vogue featured Paris Hilton on it's highly coveted cover this month, I personally think the awful styling was done on purpose to make Paris look stupid (which is something she already does brilliantly without help). Beauty Addictthinks Editor Carine Roitfield has gone crazy but I bet she's laughing her ass off. Natalie at Coquette debuts Mademoiselle Parasuco, a new line from French Canadian company Parasuco. Second City Style interviews Caroline Priebe, designer of Uluru. She's not French but we love her sweaters anyway. [...]