Latest Horror from Marc by Marc Jacobs: 'Faridah' Shoulder Bag

Seems like MJ's been incredibly busy - uglifying classics over at Louis Vuitton, stuffing newspapers into weird pouchy bags, and so on. But he's not too busy to administer his special touch to his own Marc by Marc Jacobs line; introducing the 'Faridah' shoulder bag! Not only did he manage to incorporate the the same kind of funky mold growing on the Louis Vuitton Dentelle line, but he ran it through industrial washers for an "intentionally worn" look (aka: frayed and peeling) and squeezed some pink in there. Please sign me up to spend US$328 on it from Net-A-Porter ASAP! I think if I squint really hard, and turn my head upside down, I can see a little bit of the Fendi 'B'in this design!

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