Latest Armani Collection - Give Those Girls Some Doughnuts!


I definitely laughed my ass off when I read a reader’s comment posted on YouTube about this video. SaltyScrumpet said: “Somebody give those girls some doughnuts.”

Lol, I was supposed to give a comment about the fabulousness factor of the Giorgio Armani Prive Parigi Haute Couture collection - but I was distracted by the fact that the models are wayyyyy too skinny.

You can clearly see the clavicles of the models peering from their designer clothing - and instead of a cleavage, one model’s ribs are peeking out! Geez!

Please, somebody go give those girls some doughnuts, pizza, pasta - anything to fill out their tiny frames…

Is this supposed to be a fashion collection or an anorexia promotion? Is this how fashion and beauty are measured nowadays???

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