Lancome Blush Subtil Sheer - Expert Review ...

Lancome present a delicate oil-free powder blush for a translucent natural finish.
Product Description:
Transparency or seduction, diuscretion or iridescence…choose your look from this collection of silky textured blushes. Try Blush Subtil Sheer for a natural look, formulated to glide on easily and last for hours.
My Experience:
I was delighted to find this oil-free product. My skin is oily already so the oil in some cosmetics makes my skin very shiny. The powder is so finely milled, it feels really soft and blends really well with my foundation. I usually just wear one application but it’s easy to achieve a darker glow by layering it. Overall, the result is a sensual and silky blush that lasts for hours.
Rating: Excellent
Price: $29.50 at
Do you have oily skin? Did you find this product helped balance your skin?

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