Laguna Loser Arrested for the Fourth Time


Hills and Laguna Beach loser Jason Wahler was arrested again this weekend and booked on charges of assault and criminal trespassing. Police in Seattle responded to a disturbance at the Marriott hotel early Sunday morning, where a security guard reported that Wahler and another guest had been wrestling in the lobby. The guard said that when he asked them to stop, Wahler shoved and punched him before being restrained by one of his friends. Police found Wahler passed out in a third-floor hallway. When they woke him up and arrest him, the Laguna Beach alum spewed racist slurs and became "belligerent and hostile." According to the police report, Wahler called an officer a "ni*r, fagt, and poor f**k," and told him to "Come down to LA County and get your ass kicked!" Wahler was booked and released on $1,140 bail. It is his fourth arrest in nine months, and Wahler is set to begin a two-month jail sentence on May 4 for assaulting two tow-truck drivers and a city employee.

source, Via