Knock Knock! Who's There? CANCER!

**By Ms. J **

I guess I don't have to tell too many of you how devastating it is to hear that diagnosis. Cancer is at an all time high and tearing families apart. It appears that much emphasis is placed on breast cancer but there are so many other types of cancer taking peoples' lives as well. Since cancer is not prejudice as to who it will attack, we must all make every attempt to eat healthier, exercise, avoid stress and laugh as often as possible. Do not hesitate to make doctor appointments because you fear what the diagnosis may be. **Better to find out sooner than later. **

Being a cancer patient myself, I have and continue to experience the painful effects of this dreaded disease and the effects it has on my family. I have carcinoid cancer which is rare and still under research. This leaves me at a disadvantage because I feel like a guinea pig going through trial and error for results. Dear family and friends! Just love on and listen to your loved ones. That's all you can do and believe it or not it does help us to hold on. You don't realize how important your health is until you have lost it. Much love and many prayers go out to all of my fellow cancer fighters.

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