Kirsten Dunst is Going to Become a Director


Can’t act, can’t dress, can’t string a coherent sentence together - let’s let her direct! Whoo HOO!

American actress Kirsten Dunst has signed a deal to step behind the camera and direct her first movie. The star will make a short film based on a ghost story sent to a US women’s magazine by a reader. The 25-year-old says of the project, "They’ve giving me carte blanche. "I pick everyone I want to collaborate with. "I’ve always been a fan of Roman Polanski and, you know, Repulsion with Catherine Deneuve and Rosemary’s Baby. We just don’t make movies like that any more."

Wow, and this sounds like such an incredibly moving project. A letter sent to a women’s magazine. Huh. Is this going to go straight to Lifetime or what? Will her three foot long boobies be helping direct - maybe be the gaffer or something? She needs to put those puppies to work, they totally steal every scene she’s in.

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