Kids Fun: Treasure Hunt

This is a great playgroup, playdate or party theme for the kids. Kids will love this because as you know they enjoy seeking and finding stuff so Treasure Hunt is a sure pirate event hit.

Trinkets and candies


1. Before the Event, Create the Treasure Map That Will Lead the Hunters to Clues. then Write out Messages Leading to a Stash of Treasure Hidden Somewhere in Your Yard or House. for Example: "as Any Pirate Ought to Know, This is Where Tomatoes Grow."

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2. At the Event, Hand the Captain (the Birthday Child) a Map, Covered with Decades of Dust (a Pinch of Flour). Each Guest Gets to Guess the Answer to a Riddle, and as a Pack, the Guests Can Run to Wherever the Clue Leads and Find Another One

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3. At Hunt's End, Be Sure to Hide a Suitable Prize, Such as a Stash of Candy Coins

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TIPS:For young kids, use Polaroid picture clues instead of written ones.

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