Kicking the Butt ...

Those who do, are tired of hearing it, those who don't can not understand why those who do won't quit. After all, it is killing them more every time they smoke - so why won't they just kick the butt?!

The smokers know that it's harmful for them to smoke. Some of them still don't care (ah who wants to live forever, the pollution's killing me anyway, etc), but a large portion of them just don't know how to quit.

Here are a few methods that are not only funny and strange but also apparently quite effective in quitting! From making bets with friends to hypnotizing oneself to going as far as eating dog-biscuits instead, these people have walked the long mile just to quit smoking. Whether you smoke or not, this makes for a very interesting read:

He says: Hardly qualifying as even a social smoker, I honestly have a slightly biased take on this. I've tried smoking, not gotten addicted and so can't even figure out why quitting is such a problem.

She says: Smoking topics always remind me of this one episode on the Oprah Winfrey show where Dr. Oz bought two lungs with him.... a normal healthy lung and a smoker's lung. If you saw what that lung looked like, you'd quit!

At the end of it, it's like one of my good friends told me after he quit - "All it really takes is the (firm) decision to kick the habit. There's no such thing as the process of quitting, you just have to up and quit!" If you smoke, have you ever tried quitting? And even if you don't, what's your take on the whole issue?


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