Kevin Federline and Wilmer Valderrama Hook up

Wilmer Valderrama and Kevin Federline were spotted partying together in Las Vegas over the weekend, and the two hit it off so well K-Fed invited Fez to collaborate with him on his next album.

The new BFFs "chilled out together and insisted on rapping along to every song played ... K-Fed invited Wilmer to be involved with his next album." Britney's baby-daddy even had a nifty new trick to foil the paparazzi at Heineken's Thirst Studio Global Sessions. "He had a little flashlight he would shine in cameras so they couldn't get any shots."

This might be the greatest partnership since peanut better and jelly. Assuming, of course, that peanut butter and jelly were douchebags with no careers. I guess they could, like, hold meetings and discuss their goatees. Maybe braid each other's hair and have pillow fights? And at the end of the day they can fall asleep in each other's arms while reminiscing about better times, trying to be brave for each other as a single tear rolls down their cheek.


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