Kathy Griffin Wants Attention

Remember when Kathy Griffin ate it in a London parking lot two weeks ago? Well apparently she faked the whole thing for some publicity.

So she took a taxi to an event she knew would be well-covered by the paparazzi. As she was stepping out of the taxi, she "tripped" and fell face-first to the pavement. Photos of her tumble were posted all over the Internet and in newspapers. "It worked!" Griffin bragged to Page Six. "Part of episode seven is that I do anything to be in the tabs in London. They're very big on pics of celebs falling drunkenly out of cabs. The shot was almost ruined when some nice lady tried to help me!"

If she really wants some publicity she should just kill herself. Forget the publicity, she should just do it anyway. You know, for the children. Or something.

Via nypost.com

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