Katharine Hamnett on Fashion Industry

Katharine Hamnett has been giving her views on the fashion industry in the Observer: "It's full of personality disorders, airheads, dickheads. I worked in Italy for about 30 years and never met anybody who'd read a book." She continued: "And the fur thing - that was disgusting. People like Naomi Campbell saying they'd never wear fur and they get offered Β£2,000 to walk down the catwalk and it all goes out of the window." Hamnett famously wore her "58% don't want Pershing" t-shirt (pictured) when she met Margaret Thatcher in protest against Pershing Missiles. Her t-shirts currently undergoing a revival, partly due to House of Holland's slogan tees. She also explained her choice to work with Tesco: "when I went to see them I thought I was going into the jaws of Hell, but they said they were interested in doing ethical clothing so - good. I don't care if people do the right thing even if it's for the wrong reasons, but actually I think they're really trying."
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