Kate Moss is a Wildflower ...

hey kids! remember back in november i posted a story about an upcoming photo shoot with kate moss that involved flowers? basically V magazine and SHOWstudio were asking people to send in flowers that might be used in the shoot - well the pictures have arrived (without any actual flowers) in the latest issue of V** (the one with the always glamorous **gwen stefani on the cover) below are a few of the shots taken by photographer nick knight where ms. moss is doing her best wildflower impressions (of course her nipple had to sneak into three of of the four pictures below...) kate is one of my favorite models to post on - not only is she stunningly gorgeous - she's also been known to be scandalous and messy plus we both share the same birthday (january 16th) i suppose the only model who comes close to being as beautiful and messy of course is naomi campbell who is probably taking it easy right now after being released a few weeks ago from a brazilian hospital where she underwent emergency surgery - hopefully soon she'll have the strength to get back to terrorizing her assistants! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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