Kate Jackson of the Long Blondes Outfit

Kate Jackson, singer of The Long Blondes often comes under a lot of flak for her snooty demeanour but you have to admit she's a great dresser. After the jump I've picked an outfit fit for any vintage aficionado. Music writer extraordinaire Miss Amp has written a piece about her on her website exploring the singer's persona. A big Jarvis Cocker fan, Jackson moved to Sheffield and worked at vintage clothing store Freshman's Boutique which was where The Long Blondes eventually formed. If you're a fan of her style be sure to catch my next charity shop column on Thursday.

Describing her style as 'Glamorous Punk' Jackson is an avid charity shop/retro fan and never goes out without adding her trademark eyeliner flicks, Boots do a fab range of eyeliners to suit all budgets. A pencil skirt usually forms the base of Ms Jackson's wardrobe, as well as a chic scarf. Vintage tops are cinched in with belts and shoes are decidedly retro. This pair have been at Candy Says for a while now, so snap them up before they're gone. Great earrings, these have got a cool trapeze artist swinging from the red and gold trinkets. Black pencil skirt, Marks and Spencer: £45. Red winklepicker shoes, Candy Says: £50. White smock shirt, Miss Selfridge: £25. Black wide belt, Oasis: £28. Beaded scarf, Accessorize: £18. Funambulist earrings, Naughty Secretary Club, $22. No7 liquid eyeliner, Boots: £8.

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