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By Wendy


Skylar Baltic

Celine Skinny

Caitlin Rinse

Alyssa Atlantic

Kasil's 2007 Fall Denim line is officially hear, and the look is skinny and dark. Designer David Lim takes jeans wear to a new level of style and custom fit. "Painting with denim" is what David refers to as designing his premium denim collection. (Via KASIL WORKSHOP)

From Miami to Japan, Kasil jeans are becoming a big name in designer, high end fashion denim. Offering fresh and innovative styles for both men and women, Kasil's jeans are created for all occasions, and are hand crafted creating unique distressing and detailing. Created 100% by hand, Kasil jeans offer a level of superior quality found in few other denim lines.

One of the most outstanding styles from their fall line is the Celine skinny jean. These pants are specially designed for a night on the town, and have your favorite pair of heels in mind. Unlike most other skinny jeans that scrunch at the ankle, these are designed to raise slightly at the heel, to create a more pleasing and sleek look.

To see where you can find Kasil jeans at a retailer near you, check out their website and get your hands on a pair of their unique, high quality jeans.

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