Judith Leiber - Top 15 Crystal Bags ...

Hungarian couture handbag designer Judith Leiber is best known for her signature crystal covered minaudieres, small ornamental cases, often in the shapes of animals or fruits. Her purses are so great that some pieces are even included in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian!

Needless to say, Judith Leiber's crystal covered evening bags are considered to be the best couture bags ever, and below you will see why:

15. Windflower Bag

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Price: $4,595 at Judithleiber
This is a crystal bag that is really unique. It has sculpted petals and gold accent that is in the center. To the side, there is a push down snap so that you can close it. This will fit in with many of your outfits and will give it a unique look as you are carrying it around.

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