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Johnny Depp Grabs 2 Golden Popcorns at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards ...

By Mabelle

I always thought that after seeing Hollywood stars parade in all their red carpet glory during the more formal award shows held every year - the MTV Movie Awards is always a breathe of fresh air from all that formality. This is where stars come out in varying degrees of formality, such as the suit sported by Ben Stiller or the really casual outfit worn by Juno star Ellen Page.

One of the biggest winners of the night was Johnny Depp. The actor took a break from his usually brooding outfits by wearing a simple pair of jeans and a black shirt. He also literally cleaned up - you can actually see his boyish good looks and charm in its full glory without all that facial hair.

Depp won two awards, one for Best Comedic Performance in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The second award handed to him was for Best Villain in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”. When he accepted his award for his role as the studly Captain Jack in Pirates, Depp said, “I’m not really sure how this happened. You can ask anyone, I’m not a very funny person. I’m not even remotely funny. But that’s very sweet.” A

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