Jlo's Teeny Clutch: Miniaudieres by Judith Lieber Available at Neiman Marcus


Jlo's itsy bitsy clutch is so portable she even held it on stage at the 20th Anniversary Children's Health Fund Gala Dinner. It literally hid in the palm of her hand. (Though, I gotta wonder what the heck is inside that she's gotta take it with her... or even, what the heck can she even fit inside?) Nevertheless, if you like the itty bitty bag look, Neiman Marcus has a fascinating collection of miniaudieres by Lieber, bedecked in Austrian crystals, for your shopping pleasure. Don't get enamored too soon, though; these glitzy gems will set you back a heart-stopping US$2295-$4495. I can't for the life of me figure out why Jlo didn't pick the little piggy...wouldn't have we all? And it would've matched so well!

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