Jessica Hicks, Trunkt

With myopic — and usually bloodshot — eyes always rimmed in pounds of black eyeshadow, I’ve never been too partial to the theory that the eyeballs are the windows to the soul.

But then my near-sightedness does tattletale on my devouring books with fine print in bad light, blood vessels whisper of sleep deprivation, and too much eyeliner hints at my fashion whori-ness.

Maybe there’s something to the cliche after all.

Still, I lean the other way, using my eyes to take in spirit represented in materials, I –

– am using way too many words to just call myself shallow.
I like looking at and digesting what people wear: shoes, dresses, and jewelry, especially –

” — jewelry that demands attention,” says designer Jessica Hicks, describing her own. “The bold and sexy shapes of my pieces interact with the body when they’re worn and make you feel feminine and powerful. Rather than relying on traditional finishes, I find that different textures compliment my jewelry designs.” In Jessica’s latest Lorraine collection, textures are rich as little holes in metal discs reveal Swarovski crystals, diamonds, and rubies underneath; you get a glimpse of priceless shine below the surface; it’s like little eyes of the jewelry give you a deeper view, similar to –

Okay, okay.

Like windows to the soul.

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