Jessica Cushman is Ripped


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What would you do if you were an up-and-coming jewelry designer, young Hollywood was in love with your designs and then, you were hit with the most pernicious form of flattery, imitation. And not a knock-off but high-end designs. That's what's happening to cult jewelry designer Jessica Kagan Cushman. As the NY Post reports Cushman believes that her acerbic inscribed ivory cuffs are being copied by Chanel. The fashion house has launched a new line of resin bracelets with witty sayings from Coco Chanel etched on them in a similar script. Cushman is fighting mad and considering legal action. She has also created a new resin cuff hand engraved with the phrase "Ripped Off By Chanel." A rather solid way to make her point.

Don't feel too sorry for Jessica though, her business is set to clear $1 million in sales this year. It's not Chanel territory but still very impressive.

[picture via who first showed Cushman the similarities between Chanel's bracelets and her own]

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