Jennifer Aniston's New Man


Since Jennifer Aniston can’t have Brad Pitt, she’s found the next best thing - a Brad Pitt look-alike. The willowy actress is dating Pitt clone Paul Sculfor , a hunky jeans model from England, according to People magazine and London press reports. Before he worked as a mannequin for the likes of Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, Sculfor, 36, lived a rugged life as a humble bricklayer and amateur boxer. Aniston, who broke up with Vince Vaughn last year, was first spotted with Sculfor having a romantic dinner, complete with a sexy back rub, in Santa Monica. She isn’t the only ex-lover of an “Ocean’s Thirteen” star Sculfor has dated - he was formerly attached to Lisa Snowdon, George Clooney’s old flame.

Check out the video below of him:

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