Jennifer Aniston Meets with Brad Pitt's Mom

Celebrity Babylon got photos of Jennifer Aniston meeting up with her former mother-in-law, Jane Pitt. Pitt was escorted by Brad Pitt's security team in a black SUV and taken to Jennifer's rented Malibu beach home.

According to our Celebrity Babylon snapper, "The second the SUV was feet from the place, Jen's bodyguard rushed out and got the door for Jane. She was quickly taken into the house where she stayed for the next two hours."

I'm not sure why this qualifies as news. I think they want you to believe that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's mom are conspiring against Angelina Jolie in some way. And yeah, maybe they are sitting around a black cauldron chanting strange incantations and throwing in pictures of Angelina Jolie, but that doesn't mean anything. My ex-girlfriend did that all the time and she assured me it was just normal girl behavior. As was calling my home at weird hours and threatening to murder me in my sleep. You know, just girls being girls.

Photos: Celebrity Babylon

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