7 Japanese Fashion Subcultures ...

Japanese fashion scene is renowned for being anything from avant-garde to downright bizarre. What I find interesting is the number of subcultures present in Japanese fashion, and the way that people actively take part in each. In any of Japan’s main fashion districts, you’ll see a range of colourful street fashion. Below are just a few Japanese fashion subcultures to get acquainted with.

1. Mori Girls

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Photo Credit: frocksandfrolics.blogspot.com

The Mori Girl subculture is one of the most recent Japanese fashion subcultures to have emerged. Mori Girls took to the scene as late as 2007. As mori means β€˜forest’ in Japanese, the style of dressing revolves mainly around an earthy aesthetic. Quaint dresses in earthy tones best exemplify the Mori Girl. Loose layers, natural makeup, and vintage accents complete the look.

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