Janet Jackson's Discipline - out Today!

hey hey! did anyone else manage to pick up **janet jackson**'s new album discipline today? i do love ms. jackson - overall it's not bad - there are a number of great tracks (2nite, the 1, so much betta, can't b good) but it feels slightly recycled - there's eight interludes and fourteen songs (i say retire interludes all together - they really break up the flow of an album - if there has to be a compromise i suggest doing an intro and outro which would be far less distracting) i can say i've never disliked a janet album - however i wish she would switch up her whole vibe a bit and do a little re-inventing - it's still all about dimming the lights & sexy time! (i want a really solid full on dance album from her some point down the road...)

i don't want to compare her to madonna but i will anyway...at least madge (who will be inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame by justin timberlake) switches it up (i'm not a crazy madonna fan btw - i do think she's incredible but i'm not a diehard) her last album confessions on a dance floor was sheer pop/dance brilliance! yet her upcoming release hard candy (the boring (IMHO) title was just announced today) has me slightly worried - i think it'll be very tough to outdo her last outing - we'll know soon enough on april 29th (probably before...i'm sure it'll leak)

back to janet - her two singles feedback (catch her performance on 'good morning america' below) & rock with u are kick-ass tracks - i was totally blasting ms. jackson in the car this evening - i didn't want to write a negative review of discipline at all - i do really like it - we're talking janet (ms. jackson if you're nasty) she's a legendary pop icon and can basically do no wrong - it'd just be great to see her break out of her mold - there's plenty of time - she's only almost forty-two (madonna turns fifty in august!) popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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