I've Been Cocooned by O2 ...

O2 asked if I would review their new Cocoon Music Phone before its release in August. This is in competition with the iPhone and I of course said yes. Being a big Apple fan I thought I may be a bit dissapointed - BUT NO! This is a seriously well thought out, sexy and functional piece of kit. Living in an area where people standing on dry stone walls, holding their phone in the air to get a signal, is a common sight tells you how difficult it is for me to get a signal. This does not matter as I have found lots of other things to do with this phone other than make calls.

When someone calls their name comes up in lights on the cover as does the low battery warning and a myriad of other little messages.

When charging it sits in a nest and is an alarm clock

It even has a dual port for headphones - I can just iamgine Harvey and I out for a walk with a shared MP3 player (as if).

It has a 2 mega pixel camera that is even better than my digital camera. The post I did yesterday on my visit to the walled garden was photographed using the O2 Cocoon.

It links to my computer via a USB or Bluetooth with PC Suite with which I can manage all files and work on images.

It has the cleverest foreign adaptor which just slides into a slot.

You can play background music whilst taking calls and turn the volume up or down via a wheel on the hinge.

You can change the wallpaper every hour (if you want to).

It all came in a white embossed package that looked like a box of luxury chocolates.

I will never use some of the functions but the one's I will use have already become invaluable. I have not given this a great review because I got it Free I was asked to be honest and I have been.

It is all in all a magical little accessory which after only one week I would hate to be without.

Taken with the O2 Cocoon.

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