It's a Happier World, after All ...

"Taking all things together, would you say you are: very**happy**, rather happy, not very happy, not at all happy?" and "All things considered, how **satisfied **are you with your **life **as a whole these days?"

These are the two questions which researchers asked majority of the population **from different **countries **in the **world. Despite the fact that poverty, inflation, political tension and economic problems abound -the world is actually getting happier!

"It’s a surprising finding," said University of Michigan political scientist Ronald Inglehart, who headed up the survey. "It’s widely believed that it’s almost impossible to raise an entire country’s **happiness **level."

-Neat O Rama

The figures are based on the World Values Survey conducted by the United States National Science Foundation.

Denmark **topped the list as the **happiest nation, while Zimbabwe **ranked as the **least happy nation in the world. The **survey **was based from a study conducted in **97 **countries.

Next to the Danes, Puerto Rico and Colombia make the top 3 happiest nations in the world. Meanwhile, **Zimbabwe ranked as the most glum, with Russia and Iraq **following suit. The United States took the 16th spot, right behind Switzerland, Canada **and **Sweden.

The most interesting finding from the survey **is that prosperity contributes to **happiness **-but it is not the most important factor -**personal freedom is even more important.

If you were the one who was asked these 2 questions, how would you answer? Do you think that you would be happier if you lived in a different country?

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