Is the YSL Tribute Platform Pump the New Louboutin Bruges?

From the pleated Louis Vuitton Balmoral to the Manolo Blahnik Mary-Jane, certain styles will go down in shoe lore as absolute classics, selling out the moment they hit the shelves. It's slightly surprising, however, that the biggest footwear hit of 2007 (so far) looks like it could just as likely have come from a fetish store than a high-end designer boutique. The Yves Saint Laurent 'Tribute' platform comes in various colours and two heel heights, both of which are frighteningly vertiginous. Of course the hefty platform helps make these more comfortable to wear, even if it does present a bit of a balance issue. That's still not stopped every celeb worth her $10 million paycheck giving them a go, though. Pamela Anderson is the latest in a long line, see over the jump for loads of others, and to vote as to whether it rocks or reeks...

Christina Aguilera at her aftershow party

Jamelia performing at GAY

Jennifer Lopez on TRL

So what do you think, love it or loathe it? Vote now, and leave a comment if you've anything else to say!

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The YSL tribute is difficult to get hold of and does have a waiting list in most places. International visitors can visit for store locators. In the UK, call the Yves Saint Laurent stockist line on 020 7235 6706.


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