Is the IPhone the Only Gadget Launch That Matters This Year?


There are some folk round here who reckon that the only gadget launch that really matters this year is, you guessed it, the Apple iPhone. And since there's likely to be an awful lot of iPhone chat, news, gossip and reviews appearing in the coming months, we thought it only right that the iPhone has a blog all to itself.

Over at iPhonic, Apple die-hard Andy Merrett will be waxing lyrical about Apple's forthcoming phone. He'll be:

* Highlighting its killer features (and, in the interest of fair play, its odd weakness)

* Focusing on its technology

* Gauging how much of an impact it will have on the mobile phone world on both sides of the Atlantic

* Checking out all the rumours and gossip

* Making predictions as to where Apple will take the iPhone

iPhonicwill also keeps tabs on the iPhone's rival handsets (Nokia N95, LG Prada etc) and also the mobile services that are set to take on iTunes.

All this and more on iPhonic over at

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